DaddyCheese hosting

Minecraft hosting permits player to play the game online with other people. Minecraft hosting comes with all thing you want. Daddy cheese server hosting review provides a olive sized non-public server to a large public server

DaddyCheese Server Requirements:

  1. Your computer memory have more 4 gb.
  2. High speed internet connection required.

Daddy cheese is an ultimate host based then others. It offer MySQL servers, custom domains, and dedicated servers.

Choose daddy cheese hosting because:

  • It provides free set up of server.
  • Guaranteed with all the plans.
  • Day and night doesn’t affect its speed.
  • It provides unlimited disk space.
  • All time facility by the server.
  • Price is unbeatable.
  • Performance of daddy cheese is relatively excellent. Faster speed.
  • Configuration speed is high.
  • Effective control panel.
  • Easy to Upgrade.
  • Daddy cheese Provide you a Powerful control panel that gives you full administration of your minecraft gaming server.
  • Experts are available at the desk.
  • if you are not happy with our services. we will refund you 100%
  • It provides 9 different servers when you are going to purchase it. They range from 256mb to 8 GB in memory. Daddy Cheese uses the Multi craft Control Panel, so you get full access to your server, including ftp, chat, console, scheduled commands, automatic saving and backups, and all sorts of other nifty features.
  • It is only went down when the user make a mistake and crash to the server
  • You can order it from two different locations: US, Europe

EU Nodes Specifications:

  • Quad Core Xeon Processor
  • 2 x Intel SSD Hard Disks
  • Managed in Paris, France
  • US Nodes Specifications:
  • Dual Quad Core Xeon Processor (With HT for 16 Threads)
  • 4 x Enterprise Grade HDD Raid 10
  • Hosted in Phoenix, AZ

Installation process this hosting server is very easy. By its official website you can install it very easily.
Servers of daddy cheese come’s with following feature.

  1. All servers are hosted on enterprise grade hardware with Xeon Processors.
  2. Fast speed of setup
  3. Plug in installation at one click.
  4. FTP access
  5. MySql database
  6. No overselling

It is available with different price amount. According to the size and slot recommended.
Only weird thing of this server hosting is. Its name. But still it’s working successfully.

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MultiMinecraft Hosting

Multi Minecraft server hosting is only for Minecraft and it is fully dedicated for that. This server hosting never allow any other game.
This is best for providing standard for game hosting.
Multi craft can control thousands of Minecraft servers from one single panel installation. It’s also possible to have one panel per Minecraft server.  Multi craft has made server management easy and fast
It provides complete satisfaction.
Again it is very cheap multi miner craft hosting.

Available feature for this Multi Minecraft server hosting:

  • One panel can control more than hundreds of server
  • Control panel is not just a simple control panel. It is the most powerful hosting platforms.
  • Deployment process is very easy
  • It provides unique feature i.e. FTP server and client, IP authentication.
  • Lots of options for customization
  • It can easily manage windows and Linux at the same time.
  • Whenever crash occur it restart automatically.
  • Very flexible server executable options, command line and server interface are customizable
  • One click installation is available.

Minecraft is easy for those who are not experienced with it.  Multi Minecraft provide dedicated services to help your server fully.

Installation type of multicraft server hosting:

  • Run Control Panel and server Management at the same  system.
  • Control panel run’s  and communicate with your server on a remote machine.
  • Control panel runs on the same system and communicate with multiple server system.


  • Billing module and custom Solution for billing system.
  • It can be customizes in any number of way and integration.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • Server setup with 12.50 $ monthly with all required things.

Requirement for multi Minecraft server hosting:

  •  Ram 2560 mb
  •  Maximum number of player’s is 48

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Akliz hosting

Akliz is a one of the best Minecraftserver. Main motto of akliz is to provide you a friend list, high performance and affordable Minecraftservers.
Akliz have excellent track record for hosting the best Minecraftserver.
It includes all the important and necessary feature of Minecraftserver at a single monthly payment.

Feature of Akliz Minecraft server hosting :

  1. FTP: file transfer protocol transferring file with good speed.
  2. Easy to use exiting control panel.
  3. Thought full support to the user.
  4. We will attach you with some other site for your effective result.
  5. Akliz server response you very fairly and with respect.
  6. Installation of plug will never effect to the server speed.
  7. Presentation of akliz is very high. Good gaming infrastructure.
  8. To judge the   server speed we use custom servers.

We just want to provide you better customer service. The actual number of player is depend on the plug in which you install it is not about the speed of server.

We provide you a inclusive Minecraftweb panel or port. You can easily start or shut down your server. You can perform updation on server configuration. as well you can create white and black list. Our administration tool will help you for the storage.

  • Thought ful support is given by akliz.
  • World transfers
  • Plug in installations.

Akliz Minecraft server hosting Control panel’s effective feature :

  • All server consoles of Minecraftis live.
  • Easily start close and restart your akliz server.
  • It can be switch easily between vanilla and craftbuk.
  • It can easily edit configuration files.
  • All commands are scheduled.
  • Full control on your working server to another server.

Akliz Minecraft server hosting Hardware capacity:

  • High speed and high capacity processor require. With 8 core Intel xeon e5-2690.
  • Fast drives: fast hard drives are required with 512 of battery backed memory.
  • It provides error correcting code memory.

Akliz Minecraft server hosting Security and back up’s:

  • Full protection of your server with juniper firewalls
  • Off site back up’s keeps your all data safe and secure

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Chromobyte Hosting

Chromobyte is a trustworthy, true server hosting. This is multicraft running hosting. Chromobyte is easy to use. Minecraft is world with game and chromo craft is only for those dedicated people who love to play minecraft.
Chromobyte is developed by two very dedicated and devoted people .they use to play minecraft.

  • Remi Trettin : the owner of Network Administrator
  • Jordan Pickett: graphic designer for Chromobyte.

It is a place where you get all the services related to hosting.
All the services work on a top class environment.

Chromobyte Minecraft Server Hosting Features:

  • Top class working  environment
  • Money back guarantee in three days,
  • It provides a personal touch as well as quality services to the users.
  • 24 hour’s help is available through live chat. Clock email, tickets.
  • dedicated plug-in support
  • Allocation of ram.
  • it gives budget price for customer
  • Connection sped is very good.
  • Effective control panel.
  • Domain and server hosting is free.

Network of Chromobyte Minecraft Server Hosting:

  • Level 3 backbone providers
  • Cognet, nLayer, internap.
  • Machine’s connected with 1 GB or 100 mb/s lines.
  • Server will not lag at all.

Appropriate usage:

  • Chromobyte service basically designed for small, independent organization, business operated in single country.
  • Don’t use this hosting server with large network.
  • Chromobyte can easily handle number of customer’s website’s email or other storage service’s at the same server.
  • Disk space: require proper disk space.
  • Data transfer: you can download as much as you can but only when you use our service with term’s and condition.

You do not worry about the storage of your mails. If you use your service consistently. Chromobyte will increase your  storage capacity.

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Cloudcube Hosting

Cloudcube is a service hosting providers and it offer’s server hosting services to game server and voice server. Main motto of Cloudcube is providing unbeatable services. Cloudcube hosting has always worked for the better and best quality. And hassle free services.

Cloudcube has a strong presence in mine craft.
It gives you support and value for your money.
Hosting location of Cloudcube server is Australia.

Features of Cloudcube Minecraft Server Hosting:

  • Active server hosting.
  • Internet protocol version 6 supported
  • Affiliate Program: earn money through Affiliate marketing.
  • Paypal :pay for your services online
  • Ftp: file transfer protocol is used for upload files.
  • Effective control panel support: Tc admin game panel.
  • Dedicated service

Network for Cloudcube Minecraft Server Hosting:

  • Network is protected and reliable.
  • high band width
  • Throughput is 1 GBPS
  • Multiple Carriers supported.

Hardware of Cloudcube Minecraft Server Hosting:

  • high speed processor
  • sql server 2008  require .

Effective game panel:

  • Control panel provide tc admin v2.
  • Live console of application.
  • File manager for managing the files.

Why to choose Cloudcube:

  1. Cloudcube always offer’s their services for people not for their wallet.
  2. Cloudcube always strive to provide best possible games and voice experience in the region.
  3. Cloudcube utilize the global switch data center.
  4. Excellent   for efficient deliver low energy cost to customer.
  5. Run a dual CPU configuration. And matching the performance of largest host.
  6. Well trained and expert’s always here for you to provide better service. They can be reaching by email, steam and client area.
  7. Cloudcube assure you that the price and services will not break your account.

Here we have three types of Cloudcube hosting server :

  1. Cloudcube #1: 100 Mbps speed, Intel xeon.
  2. Cloudcube #2 :100 mbps, Intel Xeon E5620
  3. Cloudcube #3: 1Gbps, Intel Xeon E5620

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CreeperHost Hosting

Creeper is a aggressive hub. Creepers cannot catch the fire in day. Creeper’s rule at overnight.
Creeper host is a specialize server hosting of Linux vps. It can easily control and deploy hardware. With good processors. It provides full access of the roots and a devoted internet protocol.
It allows you to develop a strong platform for new world of the game.

It provides good quality of machines, Processor’s, Mine craft servers.
Control panel of creeper hosting provides installation of extra s/w like mysql, Mumble, Apache.

CreeperHost hosting requirements:

  • 5632 mb Random access memory (RAM)
  • 30 GB Hard Disk
  • Rate of Data Transfer is unlimited
  • It charges 32.99 $ monthly.
  • It is first biggest server with fixed package and created for people on public server.

Creeper cp is new featured control panel and it is combining with bukkit.orgnization.
It permits you search their website and download plug-in, mysql, apache, voip server, file manager.
It provides back up’s of file off sites. That will help you to save a copy of your important data on a safe Local host server. If anything wrong happen with your server.

Creeper hosting is a technology which is able to provide you login into minecraft servers.

  • Provide accurate information if the user is online.
  • Recovery of crashed server’s is with in 30 sec.

Data centers of creeper hosting is located in these locations:

  • Ireland
  • UK
  • US

Creeper host is now partnered with sphax, McPortCentral, great porters.
It is greatest hosters of minecraft. Best customer support service is provided by creeper host.

  1. Billing service: for billing it will pick the nearest location of your billing address.
  2. Configuration of hardware is very easy.

Our Control panel is always updated with new features as well we have a good suggestion area for or registered customer.
So it will help you to shape the features of your control panel.

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Thunder Cloud Games

Thunder Cloud Games maintain their own data center. Both aspects are handling by thunder cloud games. i.e. network and server.
Thunder cloud games provide you a reliable network and server. Main thing about thunder cloud games is that they have their own data base center network.
Provides multiple customer’s care executive.
Thunder cloud games offer’s you live chat’s sales/billing through telephone and trouble chat system.
Well the main difference between vps that is (virtual machine) it moves’s only on physical components.
Thunder cloud is highly available redundant network.

Thunder cloud Games will manage :

Windows cloud servers:

  • These server’s are available on demand, configuration start from 1core, 1 GB ram, and 20 GB hard disk
  • Easily scale up and down
  • Starting at 30 $ monthly
  • Cloud data center’s: it is also called as a single pane of the glass and it manages all the cloud traffic.
  • Works on windows Linux
  • Starting at 23 $ monthly

Thunder cloud games offer’s you a full network of mine craft games. Both standard and xen powered vps game are offered thunder cloud games.

Thunder cloud games special services:

  • They provide 14 days money back or any game server purchase.
  • Thunder cloud game also has a public server running with 512 ram.
  • It offer’s you a powerful web based control panel:
  •  Provide custom chat commands
  • Upload and download with file transfer protocol (ftp)
  • Editing of configuration file’s
  • You are able to change the current world in which you are playing
  • Without knowing the item id you can easily give your item to anyone.

About thunder cloud game:
Thunder cloud is a home for the race of thunders. It is a island which is floating between the clouds.
And can easily floats from one place to another place. It is a giant island .

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Craft hosting

Craft hosting source is a web hosting server. Which provide a very faster a better way of hosting.
There is number’s of hosting server but this is the good reliable and effective server hosting.
With very good and customize control panel.

Craft hosting Specifications:

All the web server of minecraft is based on slot allocations of ram. So you have to pay for your slot as well as other slots which are related to your server. And you have to share your ram with other local clients.
But in craft hosting you pay only for those slots which are used by you.

Cheapest and fastest:
Craft hosting claims for cheapest and fastest web hosting server.512 gb of ram is used and number of hard drives is only 15 k. Craft hosting is linked up to 1 GB connection.

Craft hosting is running with Linux and the price is 5 pounds per 512 mb ram with extra set up cost.
NO limitation:
Craft hosting is not limited with the slots, plug ins, h/w cpu speed,.

But only one thing is limited in this is amount of ram.
All sort of community web hosting team speak, dedicated ip address, extra ram are free with craft hosting

Craft hosting is one of the best and highly hosting company with all the best prices and with unbeatable support.

Craft hosting Features:

  • Updated control panel. With additional feature.
  • High bandwidth and network reliable.
  • Off sites back up’s of file.
  • User friendly staff
  • Fast installation of plug in.
  • Supported by bukkit craft bukkit, hamod, and plug INS.

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EVL Gaming, LLC

EVL Gaming is game server which is working from 2010. Evl gaming server is new parent of Minecraft. And the staff of mine craft too. Because they are wasting their many hour’s sleep due to creeper, mining etc.

EVL Gaming, LLC Features:

  • Perfect balance of affordability consistency and speed also.
  • Customers are free to choose their hosted place. We never bound our customer.
  • Customer can easily change their hosted state drive. And save money.
  • Staff is always near to the net, telephone for our support.
  • Typical response time is 30 minutes.
  • Effective control panel. And managed by the employee of EVL gaming server.
  • provide fast loading and supportive panel

Instant setup:

EVL gaming server provides you instant serve installation. And instant set up for mine crafting also.
And the installation process will hardly take 2 or 3 minutes.

  • Game server of EVL is not Typical so you can easily control your server
  • EVL Gaming server is organized by different different people. Investor’s are private. And managed by some it professional’s.
  • Server of EVL gaming is build on the latest technology of Intel xeon sandy bridge
  • Full security provided by EVL gaming to you and your system. You can easily upload your plug INS without any trouble shooting. And if a customer attempt to download harmful file don’t worry it will not damage your system.

Limited selling:

  • For good speed and best performance of our server we limited our selling with limited configuration.
  • We don’t use dual cup’s and bunch of ram’s for high .speed we used powerful Intel xeon sandy bridge cpu for each of our system and our average cpu on our fullest system is 50%.
  • Protection and security:
  • R1 soft offsite back up’s provided by EVL gaming. Those servers who are having more than 512 MB get free back up of files.

Affordable price:

  • Our server selling is based on your need and requirement of the resources.
  • And our starting package rate is 3$ mo for 192 MB ram, 45$ up to 2 GB ram.
  • Burst package price 15$ for 512 MB

Powerful hosting server that is geared towards mine craft

Money back guarantee:
If you have an issue with evl gaming then EVL gaming provide you full refunds.
And it is part of a solid foundation .with the best results

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Exodus hosting

Exodus server hosting is a truly dedicated and committed hosting of server. And it provides you best quality services with quality features at low cost. It is established for those who cannot afford high prices.
All the network of this hosting server is designed to the best service, support and performance.
Exodus is best minecraft, web, voice server. It offer’s tekkit and bukkit hosting. Exodus hosting provide you great flexibility, great support, good prices etc.
It offers a wide range of source engine game servers.
Approx 4500 employee and 46 data center worked for exodus.

Exodus was the first communication company who offer’s collocation facility and web hosting at enterprise level

Offering products from Exodus are:

1. Web hosting
2. High bandwidth and access of internet.
3. storage solution’s for network
4. CDN (content Distribution Network): best service provided by Exodus server.
5. Game server: for you , for your pal’s, for your own community
6. Source engine game server is also offered by exodus.

Benefits of Exodus hosting:

  • Exodus server offers you a great data center with good hardware.
  • Helpful and trustworthy support.
  • Effective and powerful control panel
  • Easy offsite back up’s of your files.
  • FTP is used for transferring file and data.
  • Installation is automatic
  • Web hosting is free.
  • Slots are unlimited. You can use number of slots.

Exodus hosting Features:

  • Users can feel the professional data center and good quality with this server.
  • Exodus provides a down to earth web hosting. With the ease of access.
  • Control panel is very solid and effective it provides tc admin for gaming and multi craft for mine craft.
  • Supported by Bukkit
  • File transfer protocol access.
  • Easy offsite back up of your files and data.
  • Number of storage slots is unlimited.
  • Totally cost free web hosting services.
  • Free access of my sql hosting.

For the satisfaction of customer’s it offers a demo server. By this customer can just pay and own them only when they like it.
No irruption of other services While the server is in use. Live support is available.
Employee’s are here for making a happy and good hosting for you.

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