CreeperHost Hosting

Creeper is a aggressive hub. Creepers cannot catch the fire in day. Creeper’s rule at overnight.
Creeper host is a specialize server hosting of Linux vps. It can easily control and deploy hardware. With good processors. It provides full access of the roots and a devoted internet protocol.
It allows you to develop a strong platform for new world of the game.

It provides good quality of machines, Processor’s, Mine craft servers.
Control panel of creeper hosting provides installation of extra s/w like mysql, Mumble, Apache.

CreeperHost hosting requirements:

  • 5632 mb Random access memory (RAM)
  • 30 GB Hard Disk
  • Rate of Data Transfer is unlimited
  • It charges 32.99 $ monthly.
  • It is first biggest server with fixed package and created for people on public server.

Creeper cp is new featured control panel and it is combining with bukkit.orgnization.
It permits you search their website and download plug-in, mysql, apache, voip server, file manager.
It provides back up’s of file off sites. That will help you to save a copy of your important data on a safe Local host server. If anything wrong happen with your server.

Creeper hosting is a technology which is able to provide you login into minecraft servers.

  • Provide accurate information if the user is online.
  • Recovery of crashed server’s is with in 30 sec.

Data centers of creeper hosting is located in these locations:

  • Ireland
  • UK
  • US

Creeper host is now partnered with sphax, McPortCentral, great porters.
It is greatest hosters of minecraft. Best customer support service is provided by creeper host.

  1. Billing service: for billing it will pick the nearest location of your billing address.
  2. Configuration of hardware is very easy.

Our Control panel is always updated with new features as well we have a good suggestion area for or registered customer.
So it will help you to shape the features of your control panel.