DaddyCheese hosting

Minecraft hosting permits player to play the game online with other people. Minecraft hosting comes with all thing you want. Daddy cheese server hosting review provides a olive sized non-public server to a large public server

DaddyCheese Server Requirements:

  1. Your computer memory have more 4 gb.
  2. High speed internet connection required.

Daddy cheese is an ultimate host based then others. It offer MySQL servers, custom domains, and dedicated servers.

Choose daddy cheese hosting because:

  • It provides free set up of server.
  • Guaranteed with all the plans.
  • Day and night doesn’t affect its speed.
  • It provides unlimited disk space.
  • All time facility by the server.
  • Price is unbeatable.
  • Performance of daddy cheese is relatively excellent. Faster speed.
  • Configuration speed is high.
  • Effective control panel.
  • Easy to Upgrade.
  • Daddy cheese Provide you a Powerful control panel that gives you full administration of your minecraft gaming server.
  • Experts are available at the desk.
  • if you are not happy with our services. we will refund you 100%
  • It provides 9 different servers when you are going to purchase it. They range from 256mb to 8 GB in memory. Daddy Cheese uses the Multi craft Control Panel, so you get full access to your server, including ftp, chat, console, scheduled commands, automatic saving and backups, and all sorts of other nifty features.
  • It is only went down when the user make a mistake and crash to the server
  • You can order it from two different locations: US, Europe

EU Nodes Specifications:

  • Quad Core Xeon Processor
  • 2 x Intel SSD Hard Disks
  • Managed in Paris, France
  • US Nodes Specifications:
  • Dual Quad Core Xeon Processor (With HT for 16 Threads)
  • 4 x Enterprise Grade HDD Raid 10
  • Hosted in Phoenix, AZ

Installation process this hosting server is very easy. By its official website you can install it very easily.
Servers of daddy cheese come’s with following feature.

  1. All servers are hosted on enterprise grade hardware with Xeon Processors.
  2. Fast speed of setup
  3. Plug in installation at one click.
  4. FTP access
  5. MySql database
  6. No overselling

It is available with different price amount. According to the size and slot recommended.
Only weird thing of this server hosting is. Its name. But still it’s working successfully.